Saturday, March 07, 2009

Daily Escape

This palm tree can be seen from my window. I am not sure how old this plant is, but it is an impressive six-story tall, and still growing, organism. It is my favorite city escape, in the actual sense of the words, even more when a gust makes this giant tilt a little and wave its leaves. Enjoy the view you too!


Cleide Costa - Arcoverde/PE said...

Bela imagem, onde vc esta morando agora?

Karina said...

love the idea that there's a scene that always calm us when we look at it. for me, it's a hotel view outside my office. hey i wish you have the follow gadget of blogger , so i can follow you. liked your entries. =)

qamar said...

it is always feel relax to see nature really i like to watch flowers sea it is pic